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Our Rainwater Harvesting System

We got our system installed in January, before we had significant rainfall. The husband designed, and set up the system himself, I told ya he was handy 🙂 We anxiously awaited the rain, because we were ready to collect 3500 gallons of water….yeah, we got a little crazy!

Our average amount of rainfall is usually around 30 inches. As of today, almost every tank is FULL, from only about 15 inches of rain! Our rainy season usually ends by April, so we’ve probably collected the max. amount for this year. We anticipate that we’ll use all the water this summer. So without further adieu, here are pictures of our do-it-yourself system. Continue reading


Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

Today, the husband and I attended a free rainwater harvesting workshop held at a local garden center. We wanted to learn more about this conservation method, since our last couple winters have been unusually warm and dry. If we purchase tanks this weekend, we’d get a 15% discount! Bruce, from Bushman, was presenting the information. He said when designing a system, it’s important to remember the four C’s – Catchment, Conveyance, Containment, and Consumption. Thankfully, he went into detail about each “C”. I took notes to help us design our system, and now I’m sharing them with you! Continue reading