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After Infusio – Three Month Update


I made it to a important post treatment milestone……90 days since Infusio!

From what I understand, within the first six months after treatment “side effects” can occur, but typically they occur in the first 90 days. These “side effects” can be minor fatigue, or severe flu-like symptoms.

Thankfully, the past three months have been fairly uneventful!

As I mentioned in my two month update, I was trying to rest more. Since then, I’ve embraced being more of a “sleeper.” I’ve been really good at getting 8 hours of sleep, and sometimes I squeeze in 8 1/2 to 9 hours! This means my head usually hits the pillow at 9:30 or 10:00 pm.

I prefer to be an early riser, rather than I late nighter. I used stay up late, and sleep in later; I found that since I began building our urban homestead, getting up early is really helpful. It gives me more daylight hours to get things done!

As I’ve transitioned to this type sleep pattern, I feel I get better quality sleep. I think my new sleep pattern has helped my body become more in tune with it’s natural circadian rhythm, and therefore my melatonin production has improved. Here’s a great article about the importance of adequate sleep and our sleep cycles.

I’ve also continued to drink a daily cup of Nettle tea. This was one of Phil’s recommendations at my one month follow up appointment. Nettle tea is great for detoxification, and I’ll continue to keep it as part of my regular diet.

I haven’t had anymore migraines like I experienced around Thanksgiving, which also was not a regular Lyme symptom I had in the past. I do think that migraine was to do me “overdoing it” and not resting when I should have.

I’ve decided to continue my weekly acupuncture treatments for at least the next three months. I strongly feel acupuncture has been a great source of support for my body, even before I knew I had Lyme. It’s also been helpful since during the remodulation period.

My acupuncturist is amazed by how my pulse and the appearance of my tongue has changed in the past three months. Chinese medicine believes the tongue has many connections to meridians and internal organs. I can say I’ve noticed the change too!  I’ve been observing my tongue over the years, and it’s been very interesting to watch is change.

My tongue used to be a dusky, with a gray to slight purplish color, which is a sign of stagnation in the body. Since my treatments at Infusio, it has changed to a healthy pink color! Here’s an article that explains more about tongue diagnosis.

The only “adverse” things I’ve experienced are occasional, minor digestive upset, and I still have shortness of breath. The digestive things I attribute the high doses antibiotics I’d taken over the past two years, I’ve started to take probiotics and they are helping things get back to normal.

The shortness of breath hasn’t worsened, however, it does seems stagnant. I was hoping for a complete resolution by now, but I’m hopeful it will fully resolve by the time I reach the six month mark.

I haven’t seen Phil for a follow up appointment and the next time he’s in Marin I’ll see him there.

I’ll have another update next month. Until then, I’ll continue to be grateful that my Infuiso treatments have yielded such a positive result. I feel truly blessed!


If you’d like to talk with me about my Infusio experience, please contact me. I’d love to talk with you!


6 thoughts on “After Infusio – Three Month Update

  1. Glad to hear you are doing pretty good, and hope to hear you only continue to improve!!

  2. Jen, I’m happy to hear your treatment in Germany seems to be working and I read all updates and appreciate you keeping others informed about what works and what doesn’t in this struggle to overcome Lyme. I’ve recently read about a very successful treatment also coming out of Germany where they heat your body to a high temp; hyperthermia treatment under controlled conditions and the temperature kills the lyme bacteria. It is VERY expensive but seems to be extremely successful. I would like to ask you why you did not opt for that treatment while in Germany ? Was it the cost? the risk? or you felt the stem cell infusion was the best choice? Please share your thoughts on this. I am looking at any and all viable treatments but the cost is staggering and I am saving all I can to be able to provide something for my daughter besides antibiotics and supplements. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Marla,

      Thanks so much for following my blog. I heard of hyperthermia, but only after I’d made the decision to have treatment at Infusio. They also do hyperthermia at Infusio, instead of the whole body version, they do regional hyperthermia.

      What I read about hyperthermia did sound promising, however, it also somewhat sounded dangerous! My understanding is that you need to be under anesthesia and the heating the entire body can cause other issues. I had found a blog of someone who’d had hyperthermia treatment in Germany for Lyme. I tried to find it again to share the link, and I wasn’t able to find it. I recall that she was doing well after treatment, but it her treatment did sound very intense.

      I’m not sure if I would’ve been comfortable doing it, even if I had know about it before deciding on Infusio. So for me it, the risks associated with hyperthermia is likely what would’ve kept me from doing it.

      I know it’s hard to decide what’s best to do. I trusted my gut instinct on what I felt was right for me, and that was Infusio. I had to make my decision rather quickly so that also didn’t give me much time to research other options.

      Sorry I don’t have more insight on hyperthermia for you!

      • Jen, I’m guessing there is certainly more than one treatment that helps with this disease and I certainly will never argue with success and you have had great results so that is all that matters. The information about the treatment in Germany is found when you google St. George Clinic, Germany, lyme disease and in German it is St Georg Klinik. I am impressed with what they offer and have found numerous success stories. Apparently the patients in Australia are flooding over there for this treatment. At least those that have the money which is always the unfortunate part. because SO many need help. You mentioned that Infusio also offers this treatment but actually they only offer it for cancer patients at this time. I look forward to your continued updates and wish you the very best . Your progress gives me hope that my daughter can someday have a life beyond this illness.

      • Hi Martha, Yes I have noticed many Australians going to Germany for treatment. I didn’t realize it was mostly for hyperthermia. Infusio may use hyperthermia for other things, I’m not sure. I know it’s only regional, the use it directly on tumors. While I was there a gentlemen with pancreatic cancer was getting hyperthermia, stem cell, thymus and detox treatments.

        If you decide to do this treatment with your daughter it’d be great if if you share your experience with me. I’d love for my blog to be a resource for all types of Lyme treatments that provide long term health! Please keep me posted! I am sure your daughter will recover to live a full and vibrant life!

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