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What’s Infusio?

**Update 4/16/2015** It was recently brought to my attention that my blog may not have been clear with regard to who was in charge of my care while at Infusio. My care was provided by Michael Wittstadt, who is the equivalent to and ND here in the US.

About two months ago, in the middle of a challenging Lyme treatment week, my husband mentioned to an acquaintance I’d been battling late stage Lyme disease. This acquaintance happened to know someone who’s late state Lyme disease was in remission. He said she’d tried numerous treatments and he graciously offered to ask what finally worked for her.

I say “happened” because I do not believe this conversation was a chance encounter, I believe it was God’s perfect timing. A few weeks later my husband received a very informative email, and I learned of a new treatment using stem cells. My most recent Lyme “roller coaster”, along with encouragement from my husband prompted me to research stem cell therapy, and other treatment options.

When I found out nasty Lyme, and co-infections were causing my random, intermittent health issues, I was determined to fully eradicate them. I never once believed they would affect me the rest of my life! I STILL believe that to be TRUE, however, after 2 1/2 years of treatment, and lots of prayers for healing, I’ve realized my body may need more intensive therapies to fully heal.

During my August appointment my doctor recommended a clinic called Infusio. He’d met with the founder and thought what they did sounded promising. Infuiso’s stem cell therapy uses your own stem cells, and that made me more comfortable with considering their clinic.

I’ve tried to avoid more intensive therapies, because they usually involve IV treatments, and those make me super nervous! God has been working on my “irrational fear issue” over the years, so I mustered the courage, and made an appointment with the founder Infusio.

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