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Angeli VanLaanen’s Lyme Story

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In honor of Lyme Disease Awareness month, I’m sharing Angeli Vanlaanen’s recent Facebook post. She competed the Sochi Winter Olympics, and is an inspiration to me! Her story was featured in a short (9 min) documentary, that’s worth watching. Share to help spread awareness about Lyme Disease! Don’t forget to protect yourself and your loved ones while enjoying the great outdoors! Here’s her post from Facebook.

November 2009. While driving the support vehicle for#CycleForACause, a road biking trip/fundraiser along Highway 101, I received the call from my doctor about test results. A call that changed my life forever. Self portrait on the Oregon coast from the day I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.
May is #LymeDiseaseAwareness month. Help spread the word by educating your family and community. Knowledge is power and If caught early #LymeDisease can be treated more effectively.


Take Action!

LymeLight Foundation  provides grants to help kids and young adults fund their treatment for Lyme Disease. Thank you for reading my post!

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