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After Infusio – Christi’s “100ish” Day Update

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Hello! I’m so happy to share this wonderful update from Christi! Her 100th day post Infusio treatment was August 18th, and I was a bit late getting a follow-up email out to her. She replied quickly to my email last week and now I can share her progress with you. Here’s the summary from Christi:

I am well past the 100 day mark and everything continues to improve. I have more energy, less weakness, fatigue, and neurological issues. I would describe my symptoms now as minor or gone, yet still improving.

I think if I were to say before Infusio I was a zero, on a scale from 0-100, that now I would be at about 80-85%. With these physical improvements I have found myself getting tired from what I‘m doing, not from how I’m feeling. This is great news! This also means I can do more.

As a matter of fact, here is a small breakdown of some of the things I have been able to accomplish this summer:

3 camping trips, ice skating, Mommy and me swim lessons, taking the kids to the park, volunteering to assist in my daughter’s class, (classroom Mom!), coaching her soccer practices along side my brother, making a team banner, and now officially being team Mom. These are just a few accomplishments I have managed since returning from Infusio.

I know these activities are daily life for just about everyone else but last year at this time, I spent 85-90% of my time in the couch because I was unable to do anything.

I am also working diligently to repair the damage done to my body by the Lyme and the medications.  This includes probiotics for my gut, liver detox herbs for the damage done to my liver, and self lymphatic massage for my lymph glands.

My symptoms are gone in the sense that they don’t just occur from nothing.  I now have to be doing something or be under stress for them to occur:

Joint pain is GONE
Forgetfulness is GONE
Muscle weakness is only after exertion or when exhausted:  1
Sweating now only occurs when hot, active or stressing out:  1
Headaches are only when allergies or air quality is bad or stressed:  2
Swollen Lymph nodes seem to follow the air quality, allergies and stress.


Keep in mind, I live in a region that has a very bad reputation for allergies and have suffered from them my whole life. The air quality has been so poor, (I mean brown air!) due to smoke from all the raging wild fires. So, if I was in clean air, I think some of these would disappear too!

I plan on having a follow-up appointment at the new facility in Beverly Hills. I haven’t set the date for it yet but it will be sometime in the fall. In addition to inquiring about digestive and lymphatic systems at my next visit, I will also inquire about my thyroid because at this time last year it was having issues and I just want to know.

I wish everyone health as I know that is the most important thing in the world next to the ones we love!

Curious how Christi was feeling before Infusio and immediately after? Click here to read her Pre-Infusio update and here for her update immediately after treatment.
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