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Around the Orchard – Fall


Now that winter’s been here for almost a month, I thought it’d be fun to share what happened around our little homestead in the fall!

Not much has happened so far this winter. I’m behind on trimming my lemon tree and hope to get to that next week.

I’m considering planting one or two new fruit trees and deciding what to plant is proving to be challenging. There are so many options, an avocado tree is on the top of my list!

In the meantime, enjoy the photos!


I dehydrated lots of apples from our trees. They made yummy homemade Christmas gifts!


The finished product!


My husband put together our chicken coop. I’m excited to add chickens to the homestead this summer!


He also made these very sturdy “awnings” for my bee colonies, to help keep their hive boxes dry when it rains. This is the bottom, that rests on top of the hive cover


Here’s the “awnings” on top of the boxes. The bricks are on top to keep wind from blowing them off 🙂


The lemons started to show a hint of yellow.


All the rain in November caused the lemon tree to have a growth spurt, and grow taller than the power lines!


My big peach tree turned a beautiful orange, and started to lose it’s leaves.


At the end of September, I planted the seedlings for my small fall/winter garden.


I’m attempting to grown cabbage, kale, carrots, and arugula. I also planted dill and chives to help with pest management.


Here’s the first growth of the arugula that I sowed directly into the soil.


Here’s what the garden looked like in early November.


My dill and cabbage grew quickly!


I picked this carrot in early December, just to see how they were coming along.


In early December, I was able to harvest a small amount of arugula, kale, and dill..


We had a couple nights of freezing temperatures, so I made sure to protect our Meyer lemon tree.


The rain encouraged our rhododendron to bloom.


Our first camilla flower appeared too!

Did anything exciting happen in your neck of the woods this fall? I’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Around the Orchard – Fall

  1. That chicken coop is awesome!

  2. Love the chicken coop! Can’t wait to see the baby chicks 🙂

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