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Treatment Plan started March 2012

The doctor who recommended I get tested for Lyme was almost positive I had Lyme based on my medical history. This was what he recommend I take while awaiting my Igenex results.


Doxycycline 100 mg – 2 times a day with food for 30 days

Intestinal Support Supplements

VSL #3

I started the doxycycline on a Wednesday and I got EXTREMELY sick on Friday afternoon of that same week.  I can’t believe I worked the entire day as what started out as a mild headache in the morning turned into a migraine, severe chills, sweats, and dizziness. I barely remember driving home, I felt so weak when I got home.

I thought I had an allergic reaction to the medication and stopped taking it during the weekend. I felt better by Sunday. I called the doctor on Monday to let him know about my reaction and that was the first time I ever heard the word “Herx Reaction.”

He explained my reaction was further confirmation that I likely had Lyme because the dose of Doxycycline he’d given me was very low. He explained that the antibiotics had caused a large die off Lyme bacteria and that my body couldn’t handle the die off, so it manifested itself in several ways, as my body tried (and failed) to deal with the toxic overload.

At the time, this all sounded really strange. As I started to read more information about Lyme disease, I quickly began to realize this was much more serious than I thought. I felt strongly that I wanted to treat this as naturally as possible so that’s when I decided to search for a Naturopathic doctor who could help me get rid of Lyme.

A month later, I started my first “official” treatment plan, little did I know it would be almost 3 years until I would feel healthy again.

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