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Treatment Plan March 3, 2014

This plan was designed to target Babesia, and any left over Lyme. After about two weeks of nausea and minor digestive issues I was able to tolerate this plan. I was on this plan for about a month.


Mepron 750/5ml – 1 tsp twice a day, with a fatty meal

Zithromax 500 mg – 1 capsule a day

Nystatin (anti-fungal) – 2 tablets, two times a day



Byron White ABAB Tincture – 20 drops, twice a day

Herbal Vitality Special Lyme Formula –  20 drops, twice a day

Nutramedix Banderol – 20 drops, twice a day

Nutramedix Burbur – 20 drops, twice a day

Nutramedix Pinella – 20 drops, twice a day

Nutramedix Samento – 20 drops, twice a day

Researched Nutritional Crypto-Plus –  3 droppers full, twice a day


Intestinal Support Supplements

Designs for Health GI Revive – 2 tsp a day

Desgins for Health Paleo Fiber – 1 tsp day

Klaire Labs Ther-biotic Factor 6, or RAW Ultimate Care Probiotics, 4 capsules a day


Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Thorne Meriva 500 – 2 capsules, twice a day

Nature’s Way Evening Primrose Oil – 1 capsule = 1300 mg/day

Immune Support Supplements

Vitanica Lysine Extra – 2 capsules = 800mg/day


General Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Health Force Truly natural Vitamin C – 2 tsp = 500 mg/day

Vita Optimum Vitamin D3 – 2 capsules = 10,000 IU’s/day

Integrative Therapeutics Magnesium Malate – 2 capsules = 800 mg/day

Standard Process Catalyn – 3 tablets a day

Standard Process Cataplex B – 2 tablet a day

Folapro 800 mcg  – 1 tablet a day

Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil 750 mg caps, 4 capsules a day


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