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Treatment Plan July 2, 2014

This treatment plan was one of my most difficult!

My Lyme ND decided to switch me to anti-parasitic type antibiotics hoping to permanently eradicate my Babesia. He said Clindamycin might cause some brain “side effects” so he had me take N-Acetyl Cysteine to help offset them. I only lasted on this plan for about 3 1/2 weeks because I felt like I was taking “crazy pills” and had difficulty sleeping.

Once I told my doctor about these issues, he reduced the dose of Clindamycin and increased the dose of Malaron. He also gave me some herbals to help with nerve support and the sleep issues, which was greatly appreciated!

Antibiotics started 7/4/14

Malaron – 1 tablet, twice a day with a fatty meal

Coartem – 4 tablets, twice day for 3 days, repeat every 14 days

Clindamycin 300 mg –  2 capsules, three times a day

Nystatin (anti-fungal) – 2 tablets, two times a day


Antibiotics changed on 8/1/14 

Malaron – 2 tablets, twice a day with a fatty meal

Coartem – 4 tablets, twice day for 3 days, repeat every 14 days

Clindamycin 300 mg –  1 capsule three times a day



No herbals during this treatment plan


Intestinal Support Supplements

Designs for Health GI Revive – 1 tsp a day

Klaire Labs Ther-biotic Factor 6, or RAWUltimate Care Probiotics, 4 capsules a day


Liver Support Supplements

Xymogen MedCaps DPO – 2 capsules, twice a day


Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Thorne Meriva 500 – 2 capsules, twice a day

Nature’s Way Evening Primrose Oil – 1 capsule = 1300 mg/day


Immune Support Supplements

EcoNugenics Ten Mushroom Formula – 3 caps, twice a day

Vitanica Lysine Extra – 2 capsules = 800mg/day


General Vitamin, Mineral, and Amino Acid Supplements

N-Acetyl Cysteine – 600 mg, twice a day on an empty stomach

Health Force Truly natural Vitamin C – 2 tsp = 500 mg/day

Vita Optimum Vitamin D3 – 2 capsules = 10,000 IU’s/day

Integrative Therapeutics Magnesium Malate – 2 capsules = 800 mg/day

Standard Process Catalyn – 3 tablets a day

Standard Process Cataplex B – 2 tablet a day

Folapro 800 mcg  – 1 tablet a day

Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil 750 mg caps, 4 capsules a day


Sleep and Nervous Systems Supplements added 8/1/14

Integrative Therapeutics Lavela Softgels – 1 softgel a day

Allergy Research Zen 200 mg – 1 a day

Bio-Clinic Naturals Somno-Pro Chewables – 2 tablets, 30-45 minutes before bed

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