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After Infusio – Christi’s 6 Month Update

I am so grateful for Chriti’s willingness to update me on her progress and share it on my blog! It is so wonderful that she, and so many others are sharing their experience to help others decide if treatment at Infusio is right for them. Here’s how Christi is doing six months post treatment.

I have been under a great deal of stress so I’ve a had a few setbacks or what could be considered as slower progress.  This could easily be attributed to what has been going on in my life.  Add two colds, two outer ear infections, and two kids bringing these colds home, and you have a recipe for some pretty crazy times!

The good news is that I’m still much better than I was prior to Infusio!  So much so that I started taking Spanish lessons, am working part-time, re-opened my eBay shop, Notch Boutique, and will soon be studying for my real estate salesperson license.

I know in about six months time, or even less, a great deal of these stressors will be gone! It’s getting there in the healthiest way possible that I’m focused on. Continue reading


After Infusio – Robyn’s 30 Day Update

Treatment Dates:  September 21 – October 2, 2015

Was the administrative staff in Frankfurt helpful?

They were short staffed as Nadine was on vacation and a new staff Naturopath, Helen, was being trained. There was a lot of confusion in delivering my IV’s.  Through out the day, some times Michael would start the IV and hang the bag and sometimes Helen would hang a bag or give me an injection.

At times, it appeared that they didn’t talk with each other or check my daily treatment plan as I had to remind them more than once that I needed the Methylated B vitamins and to give me my Thymus injection at the end of the day.

Did you feel Michael Wittstadt and Nadine Flemming were competent care providers?

Yes, Michael seemed competent however, the lack of organization with my care was stressful. My daily treatment plan was never reviewed with me even though I asked several times. Daniel said it could change through out the day so that is why they didn’t tell me each day what was going to happen. I felt uncomfortable with this. Continue reading

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After Infusio – Christi’s “100ish” Day Update

Hello! I’m so happy to share this wonderful update from Christi! Her 100th day post Infusio treatment was August 18th, and I was a bit late getting a follow-up email out to her. She replied quickly to my email last week and now I can share her progress with you. Here’s the summary from Christi:

I am well past the 100 day mark and everything continues to improve. I have more energy, less weakness, fatigue, and neurological issues. I would describe my symptoms now as minor or gone, yet still improving.

I think if I were to say before Infusio I was a zero, on a scale from 0-100, that now I would be at about 80-85%. With these physical improvements I have found myself getting tired from what I‘m doing, not from how I’m feeling. This is great news! This also means I can do more.

As a matter of fact, here is a small breakdown of some of the things I have been able to accomplish this summer:

3 camping trips, ice skating, Mommy and me swim lessons, taking the kids to the park, volunteering to assist in my daughter’s class, (classroom Mom!), coaching her soccer practices along side my brother, making a team banner, and now officially being team Mom. These are just a few accomplishments I have managed since returning from Infusio.

I know these activities are daily life for just about everyone else but last year at this time, I spent 85-90% of my time in the couch because I was unable to do anything.

I am also working diligently to repair the damage done to my body by the Lyme and the medications.  This includes probiotics for my gut, liver detox herbs for the damage done to my liver, and self lymphatic massage for my lymph glands.

My symptoms are gone in the sense that they don’t just occur from nothing.  I now have to be doing something or be under stress for them to occur:

Joint pain is GONE
Forgetfulness is GONE
Muscle weakness is only after exertion or when exhausted:  1
Sweating now only occurs when hot, active or stressing out:  1
Headaches are only when allergies or air quality is bad or stressed:  2
Swollen Lymph nodes seem to follow the air quality, allergies and stress.


Keep in mind, I live in a region that has a very bad reputation for allergies and have suffered from them my whole life. The air quality has been so poor, (I mean brown air!) due to smoke from all the raging wild fires. So, if I was in clean air, I think some of these would disappear too!

I plan on having a follow-up appointment at the new facility in Beverly Hills. I haven’t set the date for it yet but it will be sometime in the fall. In addition to inquiring about digestive and lymphatic systems at my next visit, I will also inquire about my thyroid because at this time last year it was having issues and I just want to know.

I wish everyone health as I know that is the most important thing in the world next to the ones we love!

Curious how Christi was feeling before Infusio and immediately after? Click here to read her Pre-Infusio update and here for her update immediately after treatment.
Share you encouraging words or questions in the comments!


Pre Infusio – Robyn

Infusio Treatment Dates: September 21 – October 2, 2015

Name: Robyn

Age: 56

What have you been diagnosed with? 

Lyme, Babesia and an unknown yeast that is not candida. Probably a yeast that isn’t typically tested for. Epstein Barr Virus (EPV), which I know I got in college but resolved back in college after a few months. I also have one of the MTHFR genes that I recently learned about. I have not done the 23 and Me test, heavy metals or mold tests. My LLMD just hasn’t ordered them over the past four years. Somehow I assumed that she didn’t  think I needed testing. I should probably get these done now that I’ve learned about them.

IgeneWhen were you diagnosed?

April 2011

How long have you been treating Lyme and/or other infections?

4  1/2 years

How were you diagnosed?

Like so many others, I went from doctor to doctor with diagnosis of chronic fatigue, chronic headaches and chronic insomnia, unresponsive to drugs..and I tried them all. After being so tired and wired for 2 years and doing research on the Internet, I begged a doctor to give me a lyme test. It was the ELISA test and was negative. I didn’t know about Western Blot until another year passed and I was house bound from fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and cognition problems. I used to run marathons. This was not acceptable. Finally, someone told me to get Western Blot test. I was shocked and relieved to have a diagnosis

If you had a Western Blot test, did it show positive for Lyme according to CDC standards?

No, only IGeneX positive. I couldn’t believe the result so I called IGeneX and they told me they could run the 31 epitope test that looks for the DNA of the spirochete and has a 95% accuracy. They ran it using my same blood sample and it was positive.

Were you misdiagnosed with anything else prior to Lyme diagnosis?

Chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, tension headaches unresponsive to drugs, chronic insomnia, and depression

Do you remember a tick bite and/or bulls eye rash?

No, I don’t remember being bitten by a tick. After my Lyme diagnosis I checked my calendar. I had been hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles with my dog 11 days prior to my first doctor visit complaining of severe headache and flu like symptoms. I remember picking at least 10 ticks off my white standard poodle. I knew about ticks and had checked myself. Obviously, I must have missed a nymph.

How long do you think youve been infected?

I know the exact date, based on my visit to Los Angeles. October 7, 2007

What treatments have you tried? If possible, please list what medications, herbs, and/or supplements you’ve taken.

Doxycycline for a few weeks but was too sun sensitive. Tried Bactrim but got a rash. Settled on Azithromycin + Ceftin + Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) + Grapefruit Seed Extract + Artesminin  (probably the wrong one) + Mepron.

I added the Buhner protocol  about 18 months ago and saw improvement. I have been on the drug protocol for 4 1/2 years. I went off them 6 weeks prior to Infusio.

Do you feel any of your current and/or prior treatments helped?

My body doesn’t herx or respond with improvement right away so I never really know what works and what doesn’t. It has been a slow improvement over time. I did notice clear improvement after adding the Buhner protocol; perhaps 2 to 3 months after starting them.

Please rate your overall well being at this time, using a percentage. For example, 100% would be in perfect health, and symptom free.

About 65 to 70%

Please list your top five to ten symptoms, in order of severity.Give a rating of pain and/or severity, if possible.(1=mild to 10=severe)
Headaches almost daily = 10

Insomnia = 8

Fatigue  = 7

Why did you choose to get treatment at Infusio?

I researched Sierra Integrative and a few others in the U.S. I didn’t think I could manage the treatment physically (the pain involved) and emotionally after being sick for so long…and I’m a type A person.

What is your Infusio treatment goal?

100% symptom free ideally. More realistic would be no more headaches, being able to sleep more than 5-6 hours, and have energy to run a 5k or bike 30-50 miles again.

Please share any words of encouragement and well wishes for Robyn in the comments! If you’re interested in how Robyn and I connected, click here.



After Infusio – Richard’s Six Month Update

Richard’s Mom, Terri, was so quick to get this update back to me! I emailed her to check in, and the next day she replied. I am so grateful for her willingness to share updates about her son’s progress with me, and anyone else reading this blog! Give Terri and Richard some love in the comments section 🙂

Treatment dates: April 13 – April 24, 2015

Did some or all of his main symptoms improve or resolve after treatment?

I really noticed the change at about six weeks.  After the six week mark, he started feeling really good, and has been good ever since!

If he still has symptoms, please list your top 5-10 symptoms and rate each on a scale of 1-10. (1 = mild and 10 = severe)

He has not had any of the old symptoms, and is back in school and functioning like he was before he was sick.

Please rate his overall well-being today, using a percentage. For example, 100% would be in perfect health and symptom free.

Immediately after treatment he was OK, he was better but nowhere near where he is now at 5 1/2 months.  This has been the longest stint he has not been sick in over 4 years.  He told me to stop worrying because “he is not sick anymore.” His mental attitude is so positive which I think helped his progress.  He seems very strong and confident, and we are so relieved and happy after the grueling 4 years in and out of different treatment protocols.  At this moment, he is 100% and symptom free.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I spoke to Philip recently about what we should be doing, and he said, “since he feels so good, do nothing.”  He said the stem cells were doing their work and we will circle back and come up with a plan, if needed.  Music to my ears!  


Isn’t this GREAT news?!?!?  I was SO excited and happy to hear form Terri with this update. It is so wonderful that he is back to his “Pre-Lyme” self and that he said “he’s not sick anymore”. What a blessing for him and his entire family! It is great he will able to enjoy his teenage years free from Lyme! I’ll be checking in with them again at the one year mark.

Click here to read Richard’s ‘Pre-Infusio Interiew’ and here to read the update immediately after he finished treatment.


My 6 Month…Umm….I Mean 9 Month Infusio Update!

This was supposed to be a six month update, so, so sorry it is super late! I felt it was important to wait until I had a follow-up appointment with Infusio before sharing how I’ve been. And honestly, at the 6 month mark there wasn’t much to share.

I still have been feeling really good! After returning from vacation in mid-June, things have been extremely busy with school, harvesting fruit, and getting ready for the arrival of chickens! I’ve had a few 10 hour days of studying, working in the orchard, and/or working in the kitchen preserving fruit and I’ve handled it really well.

For this appointment, I had to travel to L.A., which is part of the reason it took so long for me to have a follow-up. I kept waiting for Phil to make a stop in Marin so I could see him there, and unfortunately his schedule hasn’t allowed him to be in that area.

During this appointment, I wasn’t able to see Phil in person, instead I met with  Sara Whitney, the naturopathic doctor who also practices in L.A. She was super nice and seemed extremely knowledgable. We ended up calling Phil via FaceTime to get his opinion of my scan.

My most recent scan was very interesting! It was definitely not as “pretty” as the scan I had one month after Germany.

The great news is no Lyme or co-infections showed up AT ALL!!

Yes, you read that right – NONE AT ALL!  Continue reading


After Infuiso – Kaylie’s 60 Day Update

Treatment dates: February 9 – February 20, 2015

Was the administrative staff in Frankfurt helpful?

Yes they were very helpful. Jasmine, Michael, and Nadine were very professional and accommodating of all my needs. We scheduled our trip on very short notice (about 2 weeks) so some of the care details were a bit slow getting to us.

Did you feel Michael Wittstadt and Nadine Flemming were competent care providers?

Michael and Nadine were always able to answer any questions we had during the treatment process.  I have a PICC line for IVs and they took good care of it during our stay.

Was it easy to communicate with everyone at the clinic?

Once we were at the clinic it was very easy to communicate. Jasmine, Michael, and Nadine have a strong grasp on the English language.  I had some difficulties communicating via email prior to our departure, with the time difference between Frankfurt and Colorado.

Were any questions and/or concerns you had during treatments addressed?

I didn’t have any concerns during the treatment. Whenever a question did come up, about an IV infusion or the Global Diagnostics scan, those questions were answered promptly.

Did you have any type of bodywork? If so, which type?

The first week I was there I had an herbal massage, cranio-sacral treatment, and reflexology. The second week I was there I had only the reflexology.  I felt that the reflexology offered the most relief compared to the other two treatments.

What microbes did the Global Diagnostics find?

There were dozens of bacteria and parasites that the scan showed. The Global Diagnostics didn’t show Babesia, Lyme disease, or Bartonella in any of the scans.  They did find a lot of molds and other toxins in my system.  It said that there was something effecting my lung and my stomach.

Michael did say, the Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella could have come out over the weekend when we didn’t do the Global Diagnostics.

Did the Global Diagnostics find any heavy metals? If so, did you receive treatment for those?

Of all the things I did have, this was not one of them ☺

Did the Global Diagnostics find any health issue you weren’t aware of? If comfortable, please share.

I didn’t know specifically that my trouble breathing was associated with my right lung. I had been on oxygen for some time prior to the trip. I didn’t realize that I had so many toxins and molds in my system.

Did your final Global Diagnostics still show Lyme and/or co-infections?
No, those never showed during the scans

How did you feel during your treatments?

For the most part I felt very tired.  Even though you are in a reclined seat getting IV treatment the day was still exhausting.  I would start my treatments in the morning around nine am but would have to take a nap after I was done with my treatment.  A couple of the days I felt like I had elevated energy (this meant I felt good enough to clean the dishes after dinner).  My nausea was worse in the beginning of treatment but got better towards the end. I don’t feel that my overall pain really changed during treatment.

Did some or all of your main symptoms improve or resolve after treatment?

Directly after treatment: In the first couple of weeks I had a bit more energy in my day. This meant I felt good enough to go for a walk to the end of our block and back, 4 out of the 7 days. Despite the lengthy travel it didn’t feel like I “paid for it” for several days afterward. After previous travels to California and back I would “pay for it” for at least a couple of days afterwards.

About 2 months:  I am able to get out of bed and move to the recliner in our living room most days of the week.  Prior to going I would only be able to do this every so often.  I am able to think clearly (enough) to read a book, which I wasn’t able to do prior.  Overall I feel that my joint pain is improved in general, though I still have pain off and on in particular joints.   I feel that I have fewer shooting “ice pick like” pains in my head.  I don’t need help getting the bathroom or the couch nearly as often as I did prior to going.

If you still have symptoms, please list your top 5-10 symptoms and rate each on a scale of 1-10. (1 = mild and 10 = severe)

2 months after treatment

  1. Nausea – I would say that I have more frequent nausea like a 6 or 7.  I am not always nauseous but when it hits me it is typically quite severe (dry heaving if not throwing up), requiring either an antiemetic IV push through my PICC or something sublingual
  2. Fatigue – 7  I am awake and out of bed more often but I feel exhausted all of the time. I have to portion my energy based on what I want to accomplish in the week and even then I struggle to do things.
  3. Pain – this is really tough for me to answer as there are different types of pain I experience. I am going to do my best to describe them. The sharp shooting pains that I experience, which come and go are about a 4. The joint pain that was always there is about a 3 but there are spurts in specific joints (mainly my wrists and ankles) that will be about a 6. These pains come and go. The pain that I have in my neck is accompanied with a heavy head feeling or a full pressure feeling has not really changed much, still about an 8.  There are some days that are better but on the average not much.  This is the area that has been causing me the most problem over the past several years.

Please rate your overall well-being immediately after treatment, using a percentage. For example, 100% would be in perfect health, and symptom free.

This is a difficult question to answer as a percentage. I felt better when I got home from Infusio and 2 months afterward I feel that I am better than when I went to Infusio, however, I don’t feel as well  as I did immediately afterward. I work every day toward perfect health and I look forward to the day that I get there.

What continuing care did Michael recommend on you last day of treatment?

Michael recommended that I do physical therapy when I felt able and that I take a lot of time to rest.  I feel that he was quite busy the last day we were there and that I was not given much direction beyond eating healthy and getting adequate rest.

On a scale from 1-10 (1 = terrible and 10 = excellent) please rate the accommodations Infusio provided?

9 – The apartment was clean and right next the clinic.  They had someone come in and clean a couple of times while we were there.  The store was a very short walk and there was very little noise.  The only negative was the uncomfortable pillows.

On a scale of 1-10, (1 = terrible and 10 = excellent) how would you rate the overall experience at Infusio?

7 – Everything was really clean and they seemed knowledgeable.  I feel that I could have been given more one on one attention with Michael.  I wish that they would have been more specific in what to expect in the aftercare.  I am disappointed that I don’t feel better than I do now and that I am told to give it time.