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After Infusio – Madison’s 8 Month Update

After emailing Madison a few times in August and September, she texted me in late September asking if we could speak via phone. She wanted to talk before making the decision to share her most recent update. Thankfully, we were able to chat in early October!

During our conversation, Madison shared everything that’s included in this update. She was concerned her update may be disappointing to Infusio, and she didn’t want to shed a negative light on the clinic. She also wanted to confirm I didn’t work for them. I assured her that I am not affiliated with, or employed by Infusio. I also encouraged her to share her experience because I believe all information, positive or negative, is helpful to others.

As my disclaimer says, I am not an employee of Infusio, nor do I receive any compensation from them for maintaining my blog or sharing information. When I started this blog I had never even heard of Infusio! Once I had treatment, I chose to share my story and asked others to share their stories, as a way to provided unbiased information for those considering treatment at Infusio.

I was grateful when I received an email a couple weeks ago with an update on how she’s doing 8 months since treatment. I know many of you have been patiently waiting for her update, and I thank you very much for your patience. I had a mid term due by November 23rd, so I’ve been a bit tied up with school and hosting Thanksgiving. Here’s Madion’s most recent update:

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After Infusio – Christi’s 6 Month Update

I am so grateful for Chriti’s willingness to update me on her progress and share it on my blog! It is so wonderful that she, and so many others are sharing their experience to help others decide if treatment at Infusio is right for them. Here’s how Christi is doing six months post treatment.

I have been under a great deal of stress so I’ve a had a few setbacks or what could be considered as slower progress.  This could easily be attributed to what has been going on in my life.  Add two colds, two outer ear infections, and two kids bringing these colds home, and you have a recipe for some pretty crazy times!

The good news is that I’m still much better than I was prior to Infusio!  So much so that I started taking Spanish lessons, am working part-time, re-opened my eBay shop, Notch Boutique, and will soon be studying for my real estate salesperson license.

I know in about six months time, or even less, a great deal of these stressors will be gone! It’s getting there in the healthiest way possible that I’m focused on. Continue reading


After Infusio – Robyn’s 30 Day Update

Treatment Dates:  September 21 – October 2, 2015

Was the administrative staff in Frankfurt helpful?

They were short staffed as Nadine was on vacation and a new staff Naturopath, Helen, was being trained. There was a lot of confusion in delivering my IV’s.  Through out the day, some times Michael would start the IV and hang the bag and sometimes Helen would hang a bag or give me an injection.

At times, it appeared that they didn’t talk with each other or check my daily treatment plan as I had to remind them more than once that I needed the Methylated B vitamins and to give me my Thymus injection at the end of the day.

Did you feel Michael Wittstadt and Nadine Flemming were competent care providers?

Yes, Michael seemed competent however, the lack of organization with my care was stressful. My daily treatment plan was never reviewed with me even though I asked several times. Daniel said it could change through out the day so that is why they didn’t tell me each day what was going to happen. I felt uncomfortable with this. Continue reading