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Chicks arriving soon!

I want chicks, I REALLY, REALLY do! I can’t wait to cuddle those cute, yellow puffballs! What I don’t want is to do is get in over my head!

I’ll get chicks in a few months. I started with bees first, because I want to give them the best chance at survival. Getting a hive started in the spring allows them plenty of time to get established, and store plenty of honey for the winter.

In the meantime, I’ve been researching chicken breeds, and so far, the Orpington is my first choice. From what I’ve read, they are friendly, gentle, hardy and good egg producers. This sounds good to me!

The other breeds I’m considering are Plymouth Rock, and Black or Red Star. Plymouth Rock’s are described as friendly, intelligent, good egg producers and laid back. Black or Red Star’s are also described a friendly and good layers. Apparently, the Red Star’s have different feather colors when they hatch, so it’s easy to make sure you get a female.

I have my coop, it just needs to be assembled, and predator proofed. The hens will be able to roam free in our fenced, orchard area. They’ll have plenty of bugs and grubs to munch on!


I’d love to hear your recommendation on breeds, predator proofing, and any other tips for this brand new hen keeper.