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Rescue Dogs are the Best!

The only animals currently at this homestead are two rescue dogs, Lucky and Brodie. Hopefully, some chicks will join them soon!  In the meantime, they provide entertainment everyday!



With so many pets abandoned, or given up at shelters, we decided rescuing our future pets made the most sense. I hope you consider a shelter, or rescue pet next time you’re in the market for a furry friend. Most states even have purebred rescues organizations!




We think this blue eyed, Samoyed, Australian Shepard mix was three years old, when we got him from San Francisco Samoyed Rescue. We didn’t know he’d require 18 months of rehabilitative training to overcome his nervous aggression. Think Cesar Milan style training, that’s what we had to do! He’s been with us five years, and for the most part, his nervousness is a thing of the past. Sometimes, he still has a bad day, but then again who doesn’t?


A wet, muddy Lucky!




Now that we have more space, we thought Lucky should have a friend. This wily, little terrier mix, joined the homestead in January 2013. We thought a 1-2 year old, medium size, female dog would be a good companion for Lucky. To our surprise, he was most interested in a 8 week old, male puppy. Instead, we came home with a puppy! Thankfully he was a smart, little guy who was easy to train. Instead of a medium sized dog, we got a HUGE, 19 pounder 🙂


Brodie as a pup!

Here’s a couple more pictures of the doggies!




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