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Madison’s Infusio Interview Page

I “met” Madison via a nice text message she sent back in January 2015. She was one of the first people from outside of California who contacted me about Infusio. She was given my contact information by Infusio.

Her message said:

“I live in Houston and have been struggling with Lyme Disease.  I’m seriously considering going to the Infusio clinic in Germany.  Stephen Cox sent me your information (actually several months ago) and said you may be willing to talk to me about your experience at the clinic.  I’d love to also know how your health is doing today.

My husband and I want to make an informed decision before we decided whether or not I should pursue treatment at Infusio – so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!”

After that, we spoke on the phone about my Infusio experience, I encouraged her to read more on my blog. We’ve texted back and forth lots of times over the past few months. She also sent me lots of good restaurant and sight seeing ideas for my first trip to Houston!

I was super excited when she texted me in February that she would be heading to Infusio in mid-March!

Pre-Infusio – March 15, 2015

After Infusio – Two Week Update – April 15, 2015

After Infusio – 8 Month Update – December 2, 2015

One thought on “Madison’s Infusio Interview Page

  1. Dear Madison, I hope you continue to improve after stemm cell therapy you got in infusio. Could you able to solve your remaining problems? How about your blurred vision episodes which started after infusio?

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