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Christi’s Infusio Interview Page

I “met” Christi via a very sweet message she sent me via Facebook in November 2014. She was one of the first people to contact me about Infusio. She’d found out about my page and blog via the California Lyme Online Yahoo Support Group.

Her message said

“I just wanted to say thank you for posting information regarding your experience with Infusio. More specifically, thank you for commenting on a post about it on the Lyme Disease Group and for including your blog link! read the initial post, passed the info to my family then mentioned it to my Lyme Literate ND (who happened to be the same Lyme doctor I saw). My visit snowballed in a good yet crazy way once I asked him about the treatment. He said to plan on going to Germany in the spring.

After doing some more research and having my entire family read your blog we decided that this was definitely the best option for my health and even finances. On my next visit I plan to get the wheels in motion for my upcoming journey toward remission. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for your initial post, I wouldn’t have known anything about this. I am very excited to have been given the gift of knowledge and I have you to thank! With sincere gratitude and best wishes to you and your health.”

It was so inspiring to get that message from her! It help confirm that sharing my story wasn’t totally crazy!

Since November we’ve corresponded via Facebook and it’s been awesome to be a source of information for her. I’ve been anxiously looking forward to her treatment at Infusio.

I am so grateful she is willing to share her experience to help those with Lyme and other chronic illnesses make an informed decision if Infusio is a viable treatment option for them!

Pre-Infusio – April 2, 2015

After Infusio – Two Week Update – May 28, 2015 

After Infusio – “100ish” Day Update – August 18, 2015

After Infusio – 6 Month Update – November 16 ,2015

After Infusio – One Year Update – July 2016

One thought on “Christi’s Infusio Interview Page

  1. Dear Christi,

    I have been waiting your good news and 6 month update impatiently. Please don’t make me wait too much.

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