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After Infusio – Emily’s 6 Month Update


Yay! Once I publish this update, I’ll finally be caught up on my back log of Infusio updates!  Most of August was spent working on a report for school and finishing up my work with my first practice client. I plan to share what’s been going on around the homestead within a week or so. It’s been a summer full of learning!

My sister-in-law Emily reached her 6 month after Infusio milestone at the end of May and traveled to Beverly Hills for her follow up. Here’s what she shared with our family back in July:

Treatment dates:  November 9, – November 20, 2015

You’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to with my health. I wanted to know more facts before sharing my progress. For six months I had to wait. Wait for those tiny baby stem cells to infiltrate my body and replace the dying or dead ones. Now it’s time to share.

Going to Germany last year was a fantastic experience and extremely helpful in my remission from Lyme Disease. Recently, I have been to Infusio’s LA clinic for a follow-up. The results are encouraging.

My immune system seems be able to act more efficient. The Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia, which has wreaked havoc on my system for the past 23 years, has been controlled. It is not gone yet, but they haven’t done anymore damage and some of my symptoms have been resolved.

Let’s start off with some of those major symptoms:

Fatigue. It’s still there, but drastically improved and still improving. In Germany, my energy levels were so low, they were amazed I was functioning. Now my energy is higher and I almost don’t know what to do with it. I’ve lived with low energy for so long, now I have to readjust my life to accomplish more. Darn. I used to make lists of what needs to be done, then split it up into days. Normal-ish people would accomplish it all in one day. I’m getting there. I still have to split up my list, but the list is bigger and it doesn’t take multiple days to finish a task. Unheard of before, but greatly appreciated. A month after I got back from Germany, I wrote a whole screenplay. From start to finish. I had the energy and concentration to do it. Which brings me to the next one.

Brain fog, gone. Most people cannot fathom what it is. Hopefully, I can paint a picture. Everything is foggy. Like you are in a dream. Some information gets to your brain and some doesn’t. You try really hard to put the pieces together and create a scenario or solution, but it’s tiring. It’s like running up a sandy hill in a zigzag without your glasses, in desperate need of coffee. Others are passing you by on Segway’s and on a paved path. You’re literally trying 10 times harder than everyone else to get to the same destination. When my “fog” lifted it was almost indescribable. But I’ll try anyways. The light bulb turned on and I had a moment of clarity. Like I got those glasses on and had the best caffeinated beverage ever! I jumped over to that paved road and found my own Segway. It was amazing! I never knew how much fog there was until it cleared. The best part is that I can read a book. I can read it, comprehend it, and not have to re-read every time I stop. My Kindle is finally getting used. Any suggestions on a must read?

Joint pain. It’s not as bad. I’m not limping anymore and I can now hold that coffee in my hand. My Naturopathic Lyme Doctor (LND) in San Francisco has told me that the first symptoms are usually the hardest to get rid of. But it is a possibility.

Neuropathy. I developed in October of 2014, only 7 months into my treatment with my Lyme ND. It is irritating as Hell and I hope no one has to feel this kind of pain. To paint another picture… Let’s say you go to the snow and forget your gloves. You make snow balls with your bare hands to the point you lose feeling from the cold. Next you run your hand through warm or hot water to revive them. That achy burning pain you feel? That’s what I feel all the time. Sometimes the intensity is dulled, but it’s there. I’m used to ignoring pain (I’ve had 23 years of experience there) but it’s difficult because it brings friends. The pins and needles kind. You know when your foot falls asleep and you have to wake it up. Only the “pins and needles” are more like sharp stabbing knitting needles of infrequent timing. It can catch you off guard. My Lyme ND is convinced that it is due to my high levels of the Bartonella infection. When we were targeting those bastards, it fought back and took my nerve endings. He says there’s not enough information out there to determine if this is what happened because of the Lyme itself. There’s also the long-term and high amount of antibiotics I had to take. A possibility it could have created a “perfect storm” scenario. Too many negatives and not enough positives to counteract. The positive would have been a properly working immune system. Sadly the medications I have to contain this pain are shelved. It can cause problems with those baby stem cell armies from Germany. I have to wait at least a year. So I grin and bear it. It makes sleeping almost impossible when neuropathy is at full strength.

Sleep problems. Sleep patterns? What’s that? I’ve never had an easy time falling to sleep to begin with. Now it’s worse. In addition, I wake up in the middle of the night for a few hours. My Lyme ND is currently working with me on this one. I have a whole box of failed sleepy pills. Though I am currently on a regime that is getting me the best results so far. Oddly I’ve tried medical marijuana. I tried different types, strands, and quantities. Smoking it seems to get the best response from me. Though I don’t enjoy doing it (no really, it makes me more dizzy) it has other benefits. After 3 days of not sleeping it was my only hope. I was desperate! It does take the edge off if I’m super anxious or hyped up. A hidden benefit was it dulled the neuropathy pain. Just enough so I can go to sleep. Something else I was introduced to was CBD gum. If I get anxious at work I’ll chew it. No, I’m not high at work! The gum has no THC in it, thus making it legal and purchased without an illegal drug dealer.

In Beverly Hills, I did a Global Diagnostic Scan (GD). The same scan I did in Germany. These recent ones were more positive. My energy level has drastically improved, though not perfect. My immune system was strong but a bit sluggish. Meaning that instead of a straight line, it’s more wavy or unstable. It is of no surprise that my stomach and intestines are a bit upset. Two years of antibiotics can do that to a person. My ND at Infusio, Dr. Sara, decided to boost my system on the first day.

The Global Diagnostic Scan sent waves through out my body to activate some sleepy cells. She used a tool that looked like a ray gun from Star Trek on my shins, sternum, and thyroid to activate a few stem cells. Then she had me lay on what looked like a tanning bed for 12 minute. (Hello, Jen here!  The technical name for the “tanning” bed is NovoTHOR and it administers Photobiomodulation Therapy for PBM Therapy for short, click here to learn more). It was hot and it wiped me out. I heard people go there specifically for that thing. I would’ve like to run from it, but she said it could help. I’ll try anything.

So the next day the Global Diagnostic Scan said all that made me worse. Crap! My energy crashed and my sluggish system tanked. Not the response we were hoping for. Though Dr. Philip (not the TV host) said it was good we got a response and to do it again. So we did the  Global Diagnostic Scan waves, 14 minutes in the tanning bed, and a Liver Detox intravenously given. Oh boy! My veins are problematic. So I wore a heat pack on the top of my forearm after we had determined the veins on the inside were not salvageable. Thanks Germany! Poor Nadine from Infusio Germany, my veins stumped her twice, and she’s the best. But the ND at Infusio got it on the first try at the top part of my wrist on my left arm.

The Liver Detox made me burp a couple of times. Then it was off to the tanning bed for another PBM Therapy. It didn’t feel as intense this time. Too bad it didn’t give my iridescent white legs a tan. By the third visit it was obvious why Dr. Philip is the best. Everything went up. Yessssss! Then I was free. But not before we checked on the bacteria. Red flags popped up. The Lyme bacteria, Babesia, and Bartonella were still in me. Damn. But I kind of knew it was still there. Dr. Sara was not discouraged. She said that my immune system has corralled the bacteria into a controlled space. It is keeping it at bay. This is what my Lyme ND in San Francisco has been trying to do.

Dr. Sara told me that I might have to live with it, but that as long as my immune system is working properly I should live symptom free. She asked if I had a flu shot recently. I told her “Hell no”. She said “good girl.” When I asked why, she revealed that my immune system made tons of antibodies against the virus. I must have been exposed to it and my immune system created a defense. Yay! Way to go immune system. Overall Beverly Hills was no bust. I was left with encouraging news.

I shared this information with my Lyme ND in San Francisco. Due to my lingering symptoms (which I’ve explained in painful detail) he wants to try and get rid of the co-infections Babesia and Bartonella. We have determined that antibiotics for me are a thing of the past. I feel that I have killed the good bacteria in my gut enough. It’s a ripple effect – healing my gut will help my sleep, which will help my immune system even more to destroy the remaining bacteria within my system, helping to cure me of this disease. Yes please, let’s do that.

Herbs and some supplements is the treatment plan for now, this will support my body, which has become depleted. This needs to be done carefully because my system is still quite sensitive to things. I’ll go into more detail about a recent memorable experience. I had a huge reaction to an herbal supplement. So huge, my Lyme ND put me on a steroid (half a dose) to calm it down. I honestly thought it was due to the watermelon I had a day earlier. (I was allergic to it in the past) I ended up with severe swelling, itchiness, red, blotchy hives everywhere. I looked contagious. On the plus side I am not allergic to watermelon anymore! I’m not used to taking things off my allergy list, only adding to it. In fact I have never deleted anything, until now. YAY Progress! My Lyme ND is like a scientist or better yet a wizard! The treatments will continue just not as harsh.

I feel like I’m finally in a new place. Hopeful. In cancer terms I am in remission. As of now I have hit a plateau. It’s a high plateau at which I am able to withstand much more without falling through a sink hole. It is stable and bearable. And I thank all of you who have contributed financially and/or emotionally. You are the hardened molten lava bed for which my plateau of health is based upon. I can only go up from here. Next up? To climb those Rocky Mountains. Metaphorically typing of course.

Thank you so very much!

Wow, isn’t is great to hear that Emily’s health has greatly improved? Thank you again to everyone who contributed to her “Infusio Treatment Fund” I think it was money well spent! If you have questions or encouraging words, please leave comment. If your curious how she was doing before Infusio and a couple weeks after, the links to those previous updates are below:

Emily’s Pre-Infusio and two week update 

3 thoughts on “After Infusio – Emily’s 6 Month Update

  1. Thanks for sharing this very informative post. Regular cleansing is very important to keep your organs healthy. A daily intake of detox water is the best way to start cleansing.

  2. May I please inquire what LND you see in San Francisco? I’m desperately seeking out a new one! Thanks so much!

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