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The 2015 National Heirloom Exposition – Part One

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Last year, I learned about this cool event, The National Heirloom Exposition, after it happened, what a bummer!

I made sure I didn’t miss it this year because I NEED to learn more about gardening, I’m pretty much clueless about how to grow vegetables and my summer garden is pitiful. An added bonus is there are several presentations about biodynamic beekeeping.

I will say, I know how to pick a HOT year to attend, the temperatures will be 100 degrees or higher everyday that I’m at this outdoor event!

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s The National Heirloom Exposition?

It is hosted by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and is held every September at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. The expo also known as the “Worlds Fair of Pure Food” and it is a NOT for profit event. According to their website, “all the funds above cost are donated to school gardening education and other sustainable food programs.” I totally support that and the cost for a 3 day pass was only $30. It is great for families because kids under 17 are free!

I found this quote from Jere Gettle, the founder of Baker Creek, that explains why they host this expo “the motive was to provide an opportunity for growers to display the variety of fruits and vegetables that can be grown, and to give consumers, gardeners and farmers a chance to see them up close at a time of burgeoning interest in locally grown, organic foods, sustainable production and food security.”

People from all backgrounds attend the expo, from those who container garden to farmers. On my first day, I observed a very diverse crowd, it was really cool to see the age range, lots of people, young and old, all learning together.

The expo has lots of knowledgeable speakers sharing on several different topics, from gardening, biodynamic gardening, irrigation, seed saving, GMO’s, beekeeping, real food, food preservation, cooking, and homesteading. In addition, they also have awesome product and food vendors, a giant pumpkin contest, rooster crowing contest, dahila show, and heirloom honey show. Maybe I’ll enter that next year 🙂

Yesterday, I listened to an interesting presentation about wheat and I was excited to attend the Intro to Biodynamic Beekeeping talk, but it was cancelled.

I found the presentation “Wheat –  What’s good about it? What’s bad about it?” by Robert M Quinn PhD to be very informative. You can click here to read my summary.

Enjoy some pictures from my first day!


Entering the giant Hall of Flowers where all kinds of cool heirloom fruits and vegetables are displayed


This beautiful produce was grown by the St. Helena Montessori School, they have over an acre of food production at their school!


A very long table of heirloom tomatoes!


I loved the color of these orange ones!


I’d never seen blue tomatoes before


Gourd art


More tomatoes….is your mouth watering yet?!?


Giant pumpkins!


More giant pumpkins, with people, so you can see how big they really are!


First place beeswax winner


I thought these squash were very interesting.


These squash were prickly and furry!


The giant squash pile!




Another amazing bonsai


A log beehive in front and a sun beehive in back.


This 11 week old baby pig posed for the camera!


7 week old baby pigs, mom and dad are in the corner, cannot believe those little things get that big!


One of the competitors in the rooster crowing contest.


Another competing rooster, this guy was sleeping. I guess crowing is hard work!


Check out the interesting comb on this rooster.


A giant turkey!

Would you like attend the heirloom expo? They always need volunteers and volunteers get free admission!



















One thought on “The 2015 National Heirloom Exposition – Part One

  1. I really enjoyed the pic…..so colorful! 🙂

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